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November 26, 2012

New Books!

I bought a small pile of books on Ebay for a couple dollars apiece to read and review. Although, I confess that I never did get around to reviewing most of last year’s list. I try to acquire new books every Christmas, or borrow them from the library, but my local library has shut down for the next two years to be rebuilt. So, Christmas splurge it is! Can’t wait to read them all… and review them. I’ve read all the ones I bought last year! Some of them several times. I just never did review them. x.x Gomen nasai…

There is one book that I don’t think I can review anytime soon:

The World of the Shining Prince: Court Life in Ancient Japan

“The World of the Shining Prince, Ivan Morris’s widely acclaimed portrait of the ceremonious, inbred, melancholy world of ancient Japan, has been a standard in cultural studies for nearly thirty years. Using as a frame of reference The Tale of Genji and other major literary works from Japan’s Heian period, Morris recreates an era when woman set the cultural tone. Focusing on the world of the emperor’s court-the world so admired by Virginia Woolf and others-he describes the politics, society, religious life, and superstitions of the times, providing detailed portrayals of the daily life of courtiers, the cult of beauty they espoused, and the intricate relations between the men and women of this milieu.”

I couldn’t finish it. I wanted to! I’ve picked it up several times, started it, restarted it… I’m sure it’s an excellent book, but it is written for people intensely interested in the mechanics of ancient court life. There are sections that I’ve managed to successfully wade through, but this is on my list of books to conquer still. “1984” by George Orwell was another on that list. I managed to read it… twice. And I still have to re-read it to get everything out of it. “The World of the Shining Prince” is the same. I can’t focus partway through the beginning, or I end up falling asleep (since I do most of my reading before bed). And until I read it all the way through, I can’t review it properly. When I do, I’ll do my best to give it a fair shake. <3

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