Bebe Taian: Time Off... Again.

November 15, 2012

Time Off... Again.

It's been busy lately, dizzyingly so. I'm rushing off from one place to the next, from one job to the next interview, from friends to grocery stores, and all kinds of things, trying to keep up. My goal this week was to list a lot of new things on Perthro's for sale, since I'm clearing out my kimono collection, but it looks like I have to take time off from the blog again.

Destiny is in the hospital again.

She hasn't been responding well to medications, and... well, the deck is pretty much stacked against her, and always has been. The doctors are still trying to decide whether or not to put her on the transplant list. So... who knows. But it's worse than ever now.

I was going to rent a car today and go over there, but they said no visitors. So, someone may give me a ride tomorrow to see her. And... I can't function very well right now. I intend to put more things up for sale so that I'll have some income (hopefully) while I take time off of work to see her, but other than that, I'm at maximum capacity.

 I have several pairs of koshi himo up for sale, which I listed a few days ago. I bought them for the Night in Tokyo show, but ended up not needing so many. They are silk, with shibori technique throughout, in various shades of hot pink, soft pink, white, and pale yellow (almost white, but not quite). According to the seller, they are handmade, but I don't know the date of production. They are beautiful!

But why shibori for something like koshi himo? It's a time-intensive, labour-intensive dyeing process, highly valued for intricate detail and puckered fabric... I suppose you can't wear shibori with everything, so why not something 'secretly' shibori? It's the epitome of having the understated
look with a huge expense.

Fortunately, these koshi himo are not incredibly expensive, and I ship using Priority Mail + insurance. I also combine shipping with other items, so if you are looking to get something special for the holidays, check out my store!

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