Bebe Taian: 1950s Erotica: Geisha Girls

December 5, 2012

1950s Erotica: Geisha Girls

More of where this trope about "geisha being prostitutes" comes from. In this case, the sentiment is immortalized in a 1950's erotica story called "Geisha Girls". Interestingly, the photos from the auction showed only white girls (or women that passed as white in black and white/sephia photos). Sadly, I didn't win the auction for it! I had hoped to transcribe it or scan the whole book and review it. Unfortunately, I have only the photos from the original auction.

The photos involve grainy sephia-toned female nudity, so if you are not of legal age in your country, please do not bother.

From the auction:

"This is a small book called Geisha Girls. It is an erotic story about soldiers and their behavior with the Geisha Girls. This is 32 pages long and have several erotic photos and very detailed erotic scenes. It is in good fair condition with some creasing and wear. Nice collectible erotica."

A sample of the inside story (blanks are used when I can't read the words):

Early in the spring, we got into Yokohama according to our orders to ___ and take on supplies. A number of our men were granted their leave, among whom was the writer of this introduction.

Having drawn some money from the purser, we put off, __ one of our party expressed it, for a cruise about ___.

For several hours we wandered about the streets. Everything appeared as strange and novel to us that we could not help gazing, and I am afraid that more than one swarthy Japanese beauty as she clattered by on high wooden sandals must have felt somewhat abashed at our bold if not rude glances.

As Ensign, I naturally walked with the Lieutenant, and both of us were equally observant of women and the strange sights. My glances were full of curiosity, while his gaze -- I noticed more than once -- was bold and inviting.

American women would have termed him insulting, but many of the Japanese beauties merely laughed in our faces. Thus we spent the afternoon till it was nearly sundown.

Tired at the length of sightseeing and jostling amongst the motley crowd, Lieutenant Harris, as the leader of the crowd, proposed a trip across the river to the Tea Houses.

"But I do not like tea!" I objected.

"I do," returned the Lieutenant; "the kind they have here is a big 'T' -- tail or cunt, whichever you choose to call it."

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