Bebe Taian: A Lack of "Real" Posts

December 11, 2012

A Lack of "Real" Posts

These past few weeks have been hellish. My job has gone bottoms-up with the new managers/owners in place, so I'm being forced to work twice as much for less and less... meaning I have less time and energy for other, more fulfilling aspects of life, like running my Bebe Taian blog.

I am greatly looking forward to taking off of work this Friday to attend the Whole Foods craft festival, in order to benefit the local no-kill cat shelter! I've been preparing for it off and on this whole past week: making jewellery, getting sheets clean for the table coverings, looking for displays (I sold mine off a long while back), and getting inventory + pricing done.

I've also been running Perthro's Pagan Supplies, ordering new items to restock, shipping, listing new things, and destashing beads, yarns, and other supplies. That in itself is a full-time job! Plus, the last big thing this year: Christmas for my sprawling family and friends network. This means baking for a LOT of people, plus ordering, making, and mailing gifts. It's hard to keep up with everything during the last two months of the year. For this reason, I think I might take a vacation! If I have time, I'm happy to write, but if not, please try not to be disappointed.

Now, if you don't mind, I have to go sew some purses.


  1. grrrr to the mean bosses! love your blog - we will be here in virtual bloglandia when you have time to post. have fun at the craft festival.

    1. Thanks! <3 It was a good night. I found that most of the people who stopped by didn't know about the show at all! x.x But I raised $100, a percentage of which will go to a local no-kill cat shelter. I also have piles of fliers to pass out for them as I travel around town. I'll be back to blogging again soon!