Bebe Taian: A Quick Palette Post

December 1, 2012

A Quick Palette Post

A quick palette post for December! Normally, I wear black all day, every day. There's a practical reason: everything matches everything else, and black is the uniform at work. I've been working 6 days a week recently. But my proposed kimono palette is much more bright! <3 It isn't particularly traditional; rather, it is my palette for 'every day fashion', but applied to kimono items I already have.

The major players in daily looks are various shades of camel, suede, leather, hemp- all natural tones. To pair with them, think purples, dusky winter sky blues, deep holly reds and greens, and a little bit of gold for style. Brown and black are both neutrals, so ignore the traditional advice of not mixing them! The trick is to mix them and look *good*. Think of black leather with tan stitching on your shoes, an olive green bag, a tan or purple kimono with red and that same green in the motifs, with just a hint of gold stitching! This is the way to play the colours together successfully. Play around with your 'dominant' colours.

Although, secretly, I may have been looking ahead to January already... Sparrow-browns, holly greens and reds, plum blossom red, deep winter purples and blues, and the ever-present gold stitching that I love... <3

Will you try it?

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