Bebe Taian: Christmas Resolutions

December 25, 2012

Christmas Resolutions

Now that Christmas is over with, I can recoup. I've been working for about a week non-stop preparing and making rounds to friends and family. It's been a whirlwind! The get-togethers were fun. The prep work, rarely so. I'm really not good at wrapping things or writing letters. If it looks nicely wrapped, chances are, I didn't do it! :P All in all, it's been a great Christmas. And I'm once again covered in cats.

This year, I've been feeling... claustrophobic, the past two weeks. I've decided that I have far too much stuff, and it's time to not have so much. It's hard to do this, since I sell kimono, pagan supplies, and jewellery out of this apartment shared with DH and five cats. But I think I'm going to sell the last of the kimono items that I don't wear and then only buy for myself, try to attend more craft shows to sell the jewellery off for charity, and find a way to store the pagan shop supplies in a less intrusive way. So far, I've successfully sold off two boxes of clothes and books, and I intend to go through the closet and my things again to destash more.

I will find Azrael and Dante a forever home that can care for them. They are sweethearts! I've had them for most of their lives, but I can't keep five cats in one apartment, and those two are in the best mental condition to handle a new home. They love *everyone*. Even the vet!

I will find more time to volunteer this year. Community betterment is a big issue for me. I want to find more ways to help locally! This might further tie in with selling off the jewellery, as it usually has. I typically give 10%-30% of proceeds to local animal shelters, and donate a few times a year to The Spring of Tampa Bay.

Get a corner bookshelf. >D That one's been on the list for a year, now! But this year, I'm going to make it happen! Now I need a place to put it... I need to replace the furniture we have with functional furniture, more vertical than horizontal, for this small space. If I had one proper entertainment stand for our small TV, we wouldn't need two DVD cases! One good desk with drawers could replace the filing boxes and our current desk, plus I could clear out the office supply drawer and put something else in there.

I will keep up with BebeTaian more frequently! I've been sidetracked by two jobs this year, but next year...

I will get a better job. One that doesn't pay $4.31 an hour. One that actually *pays our bills*, without me being constantly stressed over making ends meet and keeping the electricity on. It WILL happen! I'm already looking! I will schedule time daily to apply for jobs until this happens. I will continue working 2-3 jobs if I must to do it. I do not tire. I do not care. I do not quit. I will get what I want!


  1. You sold your kimono items? :/ That's sad!

    And man, that's means you are paid about £2.33 in GBP. For a better job, look for jobs daily and apply for at least 3-5 a day! You must be so tired. I work one job but I had to quit, I just couldn't stand the area!

    1. I'm selling most of them! I'm keeping the ones I wear, and many of the antiques. But I hope to have enough time to list and sell most of them. I'm running out of space! Having room for the cats is more important than having stuff. And it will help pay for their care, which is very good.

      And yes, low worker wages are one of our many causes of poverty in America. For me, it's $4.29/hr + tips ("server wages"), but* my job could declare me an hourly "helper" at any time during my shift, and revoke wages exceeding "standard worker" minimum wage. I could write an essay off the top of my head about corporate BS and our national attitude towards fair, livable wages! I'm already looking for work, but unemployment is over 10% here. When there are jobs available, they are often $7.50-$9/hr entry level work where employers demand four year college educations and bi- or tri-lingual employees! It's an impossible situation.