Bebe Taian: Lotions: the Good, the Bad, the Meh.

December 12, 2012

Lotions: the Good, the Bad, the Meh.

I use a lot of lotion. I work in a restaurant, and that means obsessive hand-washing... completely drying and cracking my hands. I probably wash my hands more than anyone else who works there. Part of it is standard health regulations, but part of it is working in a seafood restaurant and being allergic to shellfish! I've talked previously about being allergic to practically everything, and now it looks like I have even more to look out for. But these lotions have stood the test of time with me! And the rest...? Well, I tried.

Main issues:
- crappy skin. Hello, dryness! And on my face, oiliness!
- Allergies. To everything, apparently.
- I don't want to spend a lot of money on lotion, so it better be good if it's expensive!
- Dislike of strong scents and perfumes, especially artificial ones

So what have I tried? 

I love CeraVe. A friend of mine turned me on to it about a year ago, and she's right- it's wonderful. If you have incredibly dry skin, this will restore it. It sometimes even lasts through a quick shower. Plus, you can get it just about anywhere, and it won't break the bank. It IS more expensive than, say, Nivea or Jergens, but it's worth it- and it's better than any department store brand I've tried so far!

The cons: I will say that I don't care for tubs because they are unhygenic. They can pick up bacteria from your hands. Pumps are much cleaner! Also, it can feel tacky at first until it dries. I think it's because of the ceramides in it. I usually put on socks or soft gloves right afterwards.

I can't wait to try the SPF version of this, especially since it's supposed to be light enough for the face. If it works out... THAT will impress me. Coupons at the link!

Plain Grapeseed Oil! <3

You can get this at any grocery store, in the food section with other oils. Check your labels! I found "skin-smoothing oil" at Walgreens once, a tiny 2oz bottle for $5. Ingredients? 100% olive oil. Or* you can just grab a bottle of olive oil at your grocery for $8-10 (not that most olive oil is pure olive oil anyways, but it works just as well). Grapeseed oil is much lighter and thinner than olive oil, so in a pinch, this'll do for dry skin. It's also the perfect massage oil! But because it IS an oil, I tend to wear thin cotton clothes or socks + gloves after putting it on so it doesn't get on everything I touch. It's also ridiculously cheap at $6 a bottle, and has virtually no scent. How perfect!

Origins Ginger Souffle Lotion

I got a smaller tube of this for free from a friend. Some people say the scent is very little; I smell it very heavily. It's definitely a ginger product! The 3.4oz size only comes with the gift set of Ginger Souffle products. I don't wear it very often; only when I want a spicy perfume without the perfume part. Overall Rating: Meh.

Pros: Light, doesn't feel greasy, + the ginger smell fits in with the Japanese restaurant, so it doesn't bother customers!
Cons: It can sting a little when putting it on if you have sensitive or sensitized skin! The lotion is thin, so it isn't particularly good for very dry skin. Expensive for the quality.

The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream

This was an excellent Xmas gift! For all skin types, containing fair-trade Brazil nuts, and as far as I know, no animal testing performed. Overall: Good product

What I like:
- Non-greasy, light feeling
- No animal testing- a big plus with me
- Largely un-messed with ingredients. Most are natural oils, others are preservatives. Dimethicone stood out, but it's just a type of silicone.
- Smells nice, but...

What I don't like:
- Strong scent! Also, 'parfum' is on the label, meaning it's synthetic.
- Aluminium container. Recyclable, but hard to get the product out.
- Can't use it everywhere, just on my hands. Part of it is the scent, but part of it is the sensitivity to the ingredients. Heavily scented things tend to break me out.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

What a wreck. I've used Aveeno's colloidal oatmeal, and that was very nice. But Aveeno's moisturizer? Breakouts, everywhere! My skin looked riddled with red goosebumps, a sure sign of a contact allergy. But to what?! There's barely anything in it! Distearyldimonium Chloride is a mystery inclusion to me, though. It's a surfectant. A detergent. But this is a moisturizing lotion. It doesn't need a detergent. So what's the point?

Why I tried it:
- Fragrance-free, perfect for me!
- The colloidal oatmeal from their line is wonderful. <3
- Not many ingredients to sift through and decode
- Thin formula, non-tacky, easy to smooth on

But unfortunately, until I figured what triggered the reaction, I can't use this one again. I've since given it away to someone who can! Don't worry, Aveeno- I still love your powdered oatmeal bath! And also, for some reason, the Baby version of this lotion is okay on my skin. O.o

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