Bebe Taian: Slow Progress.

December 29, 2012

Slow Progress.

Second day off since the Christmas post. The last day off, I did laundry all day and went to see a friend. Today, I woke up late (slept in, FINALLY!) but got a running start on destashing. It was aggravating, waking up and almost tripping on a bucket of wrapping papers and such. Ugh. I only cleared out the closet today, but it was a BIG job! I've managed to empty two buckets, sort the laundry, and sweep the bedroom. I think it's all I can do today.

This means I have a shelving unit full of stuff to sell. I sold a box of books, two boxes of clothes, and I have so much more. Piles of clothing, some still with the tags on, some with the tags off but never worn. Piles of yarns, much with the tags still on. Piles of fabrics. Boxes of beads, stacks of scrapbooking and ephemera paper. A surround-sound speaker set. A small stack of vintage sake cups; a box of vintage Japanese dishware. And quite a few kimono items! Two large storage buckets worth, to be precise.

So I'm still destashing everything as energy permits. It will be some time before I can get half of it photographed, with descriptions and measurements posted. I'll mostly be using the money to pay off the cats' vet bills, and pay for their care. Azrael has been pretty sick as fallout from his long-term exposure to allergens. He'll be on medication for the next two months at least, and it isn't cheap! Cat food alone for the five is $25 per cat per month, or $125 a month! But after Azrael is off his meds, he will be adoptable again. If a person shows that they have experience with special-needs cats, I may adopt him out before he's done, knowing that his new owner can watch over him every day. I owe about $200 on him still. The good news is that he's doing so much better this week! He's a happier, derpier cat who just needs to put some weight on!

I know it isn't a Japanese culture post, but I'll be back on schedule soon enough. Real life always comes first.

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