Bebe Taian: For Sale Sunday: Pink Iromuji

January 6, 2013

For Sale Sunday: Pink Iromuji

This is one I've had for sale for a long time now. Because I've had it so long, I've reduced the price a bit. It looks so ordinary, but I must have coordinated this kimono with five or six very different obi, and even a change of obijime/obiage makes a big difference in the feel of the kimono!

FOR SALE: Silk iromuji with himo, ume, momiji, and cloud patterns.

This late Showa-era (1926-1989) or early Heisei era (1989-current) kimono is made of luxurious, supersoft silk fabric with woven patterns. The kimono is an iromuji, meaning ‘one colour’, and is usually worn for semi-formal occasions or when practicing tea ceremony. Woven patterns include momiji (maple leaves), ume (plum blossoms), clouds, and tassels. Unlike many vintage Japanese finds, this piece has no strong residual odors.

Wrist to wrist, approx. 48in/120cm
Shoulder to bottom hem, approx. 55in/137.5cm
Length of sleeves, approx. 17in/42.5cm

There are a few light stains, which are best seen in the third and fourth photo. There are some stains in the lining along the back seams that do not show through to the outside. There is a small stain that is not noticeable on the front left panel when worn. It is near the bottom of the hem, roughly the size of a dime. Please see the photos. Weight of item alone is just under 2lbs (760g). It can easily be worn.

Iromuji are most often worn with Nagoya obi, but in some situations may be worn with fukuro obi.

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