Bebe Taian: For Sale Sunday: Vintage + Antique Kimono, Dishes, Rice Bag

January 27, 2013

For Sale Sunday: Vintage + Antique Kimono, Dishes, Rice Bag

A reminder that I'm selling off just about everything from my collection! I know I've been bad about getting photos. Most of the issue is the bad lighting in my apartment, the broken camera, and just a general lack of time now that I have three other jobs plus Destiny to take care of, and other life stuff like housework and cats and all that. But here are some things I'm selling off, which I've reduced the price on. If buying more than one, I may be able to cut a deal!

The proceeds basically go to taking care of things like the medical needs of my sister's cats, which we've been trying to take care of (to the tune of $60/mo in food, hundreds for medicines and whatnot), making repairs to my mom's house (where Destiny lives), and general life stuff, like the Project Unmei fund, which I've set up for whatever she needs: vitamins, medication, etc. Destiny will be on anti-rejection drugs and immunosuppressants for months, some drugs for years, and the co-pays can get very expensive!

Wedding kimono come in many types and layers. The most popular, well-known one is an outer kimono called a 'uchikake', a bright, colourful, gaudy kimono that is worn over two layers of shiromuku or over a colourful kakeshita (bride's furisode). The white-only layers are shiromuku. There can be one to two layers of these! They can be quite heavy to wear after so many, but it is a fashion carried on from Heian court days, when between 3-15 layers was the norm. Only a little over 100 years ago, all fabrics were hand-woven; the number of layers a woman wore showed wealth and status.

While most older kimono are silk, this one is synthetic. It is a great benefit, as this type of kimono is made to drag the ground, and silk stains never seem to wash out! But that doesn't seem to be such a problem with synthetic fabric. How excellent for someone who uses this at their wedding, and then as a show piece!

- Pink Silk Iromuji Kimono, Showa Vintage
- Vintage Kutani Matsumise Tea Set
- Three Sets of Koshi Himo: 1 - 2 - 3
- Vintage Tokunaga Sushi Plate Set
- Vintage Orange, White, Black, + Gold Nagoya Obi
- White Nishijin Silk Obi Thread
- Antique Taisho Striped Kimono, worn at Night in Tokyo 3- see it here!
- Vintage Rice Bag from Recycled Maru Obi
- Vintage WW2-era Synthetic Komon Kimono
- Vintage Kotobuki "Longevity" Fukusa

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