Bebe Taian: Kinyoubi Kimono 13

January 4, 2013

Kinyoubi Kimono 13

Previously, "The Evolution of My Kitsuke."

13. Your special kimono memory.

My first kimono set was a kurotomesode and a hitoe mofuku kimono with thin metallic silver stripes, both silk. At the time, I didn't know anything about the kimono 'rules'; I only followed what my ningyo wore and what I could put together (as evidenced by the bad kitsuke in this photo). My mother bought me that set when I was 13 or so, a staggering $75 on Ebay from one of the few sellers at that time. It was what I thought was a lot of money then. For someone who grew up having trouble just getting food, $75 was unthinkable for a dress!

Then later, the first kimono my husband bought for me was a kurotomesode, this time from the Taisho era. It fits almost like it was made for me. 

This double-memory is linked now, as they are my two favourite kimono. Even though I have few full-formal events to wear either one at, I still wear black on a daily basis. It is my uniform in and out of work, and it's the colour I feel most comfortable in. Black is casual, classy, slimming, and powerful. These things were likely the most difficult to afford, even though I have other kimono that are far more expensive now, and more unusual. The effort put forth to get them makes them special. These are two kimono that I will never sell!

Next: The Kinyoubi Kimono Roundup

They're all done! All 13! It's been quite a ride this year. Perhaps I'll do the challenge again in a few years, when my collection has had some significant changes.

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