Bebe Taian: Missed Posts Roundup

January 10, 2013

Missed Posts Roundup

This year has already been spectacularly busy. Between picking up as many shifts as possible at work, my online pagan supply store, Destiny's heart transplant, and taking care of my own home and trying to visit friends, I've had little or no time for Bebe Taian activities. For this and other reasons, I'm selling off almost all of my kimono items and blogging only, unless I get an educational gig (as opposed to a vendor gig) somewhere. This means I'm only just now catching up to backfill all of my missed posts! I'll try to stay on top of future scheduled posts... I really will... Ganbaremasu!

- Shougatsu: Japanese New Year!
- Kinyoubi Kimono 13
- Shoukan
- For Sale Sunday (New: every Sunday I'll try to post a new item or several new items for sale!)

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