Bebe Taian: Small Successes + Setbacks.

January 9, 2013

Small Successes + Setbacks.

Today, I'm happy for small successes, but adjusting for small setbacks.

My sister isn't in much pain. Yesterday was probably the worst day yet for her... until a very bright nurse figured out that most of her pain was likely NOT rejection of the new heart, but rather, a morphine allergy (like the allergy I have). Take away the morphine, the pain goes away. Today, she could eat a little, and walk some. Not much, but it's progress. Because everyone at work is calling out sick, I can't risk seeing her and possibly carrying the flu to her right now. Otherwise, I'd be there a few days this week. My mom could have used the break... but, better for her to not get sick right now. I'll still try to call every day...

I've picked up as much extra work as possible and applied for another job today. That'll help me fill in the blanks. One of my goals is to make $30K this year; enough to support us both, plus the cats and a little extra for car repairs and emergencies. Small setback: needing chiropractic care. I think I popped a vertebrae in my neck out. This one needs to be put back professionally. I'm used to manipulating my own back, but the neck is kind of fragile, you know? And that will be costly!

Sold! <3 Agate + Hematite Bracelet
I've made a few sales this week. Excellent timing! I needed cat food and to pay the vet bill. The vet has been extra-nice to me and gave me a one-time chance to pay off the large bill in chunks, instead of all at once. Thing is, it was supposed to be paid by December. x.x And he STILL saw Azrael when he got sick again! I want to pay it off this month! I should also write him a thank-you card.

Next week, I'll be dropping off donations to the no-kill shelter I did a show for on Dec. 13th. I sold much more than usual, although no one who visited said they even knew about the art show at Whole Foods! I'm donating 10% of my sales (I didn't calculate out the profits; just straight sales figure), and some cat litter. It's on my list this year to talk some major manufacturers into possibly donating or giving us coupons to help feed the cats at the shelter.

Sold! <3 Green + Silver Leaf Earrings
Added more listings to Ebay, including the men's 2L yukata set + zori today, which is great. I'll be getting photos of more items as time and lighting permits. The apartment tends to be very dark, but I'll do my best!

I have a hefty list of stuff to get done this week, including ordering + inventory for Perthro's, the extra work shifts, chiropractic care, cleaning at home, and hopefully packing sales. Don't worry- I'm not discouraged yet. This is only the first week of the new year, and I need to keep it up!

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