Bebe Taian: SOLD! And Remade! - Moegi Kimono

January 26, 2013

SOLD! And Remade! - Moegi Kimono

I've talked about this kimono before- and it's finally sold! Or rather, was traded and remade into something new!

There was a real bidding war for this kimono! I had a thing for versions of lime green and moegi-iro at the time. You can see a little at the bottom edges that the interior silk is orange at the edges. I ended up paying quite a bit for it, but... you know how I've talked about the dangers of buying online.

Basically, you can't see stains very well all the time, and overseas sellers might not know to mention them or know how to explain them in English. In Japan, it's often expected that a secondhand kimono will be stained and used for crafting or display only, not usually for wearing.

That's what happened here. This photo doesn't show you the dozens of stains on the kimono! And the seller never mentioned them! In fairness, they are really difficult to capture on the camera I have, too. I did try... but they are very faint, and even though they can be seen by the naked eye, they don't show on film because of the way the camera processes greens. Augh! How difficult! And when I opened it up, it was impossible to wear. Too damaged. So back into the boxes it went, until I could figure out how to wash the stains out...

Years later, no go. So it was time to sell it to someone who WOULD take care of it, who could sew or knew about washing silks better than I did. Now after a few more years, the same woman who bought all the obijime and the stiff obi last February has agreed to trade this kimono for a few custom-made bags! <3 And they look awesome. I already know that I'm going to use the short kinchaku to store rolls of my kimono fabric scraps, so that I can remember to patchwork them later. The wristlet, I'll probably give to my sister.

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