Bebe Taian: Tenshi Kinryouku: Fallen Angels Palette

January 16, 2013

Tenshi Kinryouku: Fallen Angels Palette

I first found Angel Sanctuary/Tenshi Kinryouku when I was maybe 13/14. The manga wasn't available in the US quite yet (at least, I don't think it was in my area), but there was a tiny anime/Japanese stuff booth at the mall then. One of my friends bought me some posters there because it looked like me and another mutual friend, drawn manga-style. Funny! But I found out what anime it came from, and someone uploaded scans of the art books. I fell in love. I wanted to draw just like that! Then I found the OVAs on... maybe Napster? I don't remember now. It was a long time ago.

But because of that, I've bought every book in the manga series, a soundtrack CD (there are many for manga series in Japan), and one of the art books (I have to hunt down the other!) The story has plots within plots, and although it isn't necessarily true to how Qabalistic Hebrew magic or lore works, it's still an engaging story of the wars between humans, demons, angels, and those who would seek power for themselves regardless of costs. Woven in are some Buddhist notions about reincarnation, I've noticed. It's a manga that I have to read again and again because every time I reread it, I find something new, or remember something I'd forgotten about the series.

My current wallpaper on my computer is once again from TK (there's a rotation of anime, TV shows, and photos of nature or cute foxes), and I'm inspired to bring some of that beauty into my daily life. How else besides makeup? I can't wear kimono every day, as much as I'd like to, so of course it's makeup!

All eyeshadows from Shiro Cosmetics, some discontinued.
I love loose powder shadows, but sometimes the jars come unscrewed in my bag. I bought a 12-colour palette and two mini-palette starter kits to get pressing. I figure if I start with the two small ones or some extra pans as practice, I can move on to making my Fallen Angels palette. I've been using Shiro for a long time now, and I'm sad to say that I've missed out on some great colours over the years. But she always comes out with new ones, so I'll have eye shadow for the rest of my life! Truthfully, I don't wear it very often. My skin gets so greasy from restaurant work that I don't want anything on my skin, much less pretty makeup! But on days off, when I feel adventurous, I get to painting.

Top row: Spinarak/Finkelstein mixed (discontinued), Steelix (now called 'Victory Road'), Hyperbeam ('Missingno'), Spiritomb (discontinued), Kokiri Forest ('Kokiri Emerald'), and Shall Not Be Mourned (discontinued). Shall Not Be Mourned is more bronze in person, but photographs with a gold shift. It's really a stunning colour! I'll miss it when I run out.

Bottom row: Shoes for Orphans (discontinued), Temple of Time, Midna ('Twilight Realm'), Equivalent Exchange, Subrosia ('Goron Ruby'), and Unsatisfactory Mark (discontinued).

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