Bebe Taian: Unmei's Progress

January 6, 2013

Unmei's Progress

I saw my sister again today. No sleep since yesterday, until I got home. She’s in a lot of pain, as to be expected. The biggest obstacle is getting her up and walking, even short distances, to help her ribs expand and shape normally. We only stayed about four hours today, but we expect to go back and stay longer when we can. No walking before we left, but we at least got her to drink some juice. The meds can make you nauseous, and they’re just generally no fun at all.

I’m an idiot though. I forgot to eat salt when I woke up, so my blood pressure dropped, and I felt like crap the rest of the day. Fortunately, she fell asleep before she saw me have to lay down. I don’t need her worrying about my heart when she’s got her own to think of! DH got me some Taco Bell, but it apparently wasn’t enough, soon enough. Ugh. Yay for making alfredo sauce ahead of time. Noodles are quick and easy to make, plus they’re good with plenty of salt.

We still need help getting gas money for all of these trips, though, plus caring for the cats until I can rehome them. It’s an hour each way to the hospital and back. If you see anything you like at my ShopHandmade store, please, by all means! I usually ship out in 1-2 business days. I’ll mail to anywhere in the world, too!

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