Bebe Taian: New Makeup To Try

February 6, 2013

New Makeup To Try

For my birthday today, I bought a new makeup product to try. Technically, it isn't makeup. It's skincare. But whatever- it's stuff for beauty and whatnot, and it's all makeup to me!

I've had crow's feet and lines in my face since I was a preteen. No, I'm not kidding. The fine lines showed up back then! The forehead lines and the lines by my mouth have gotten more noticeable lately, too. There's lots and lots of sun in FL- in fact, the UV index chart only goes up to 11+ (defined as "Extreme UV exposure")... and we regularly rank at 10 or higher here. Sunscreens can't keep up with it. The EPA even states to reapply sunscreen liberally every 2 hours (more often, really, since they tend to break down with sweat, moisture- hello, humidity!, and other factors), avoid the sun between 10AM-4PM, and wear 100% UV-blocking sunglasses... which I need to get another pair of. Sunglasses that actually block UV tend to be ugly on me, especially the kind that block light from my eyes, but considering all the damage I already have from years of not wearing sunscreen, I'll take it. I'm terrified of turning into the women I see who are now in their 50s and their bodies are destroyed from sun exposure. Skin cancer is not on my list of wants.

In photos I can hide a lot of it, thanks to clever techniques like exposure and light levels. Certain angles and makeup cover up imperfections, too. I don't care for being photographed without foundation because of how red and splotchy-looking my skin really is, and I try to avoid pink eye makeup now that I never sleep, making my eyes look even more tired. Gold makeup and good foundation goes a looong way!

To combat some of this, I've upped my vitamin intake, which is a necessity anyways. I go through nutrients too quickly to try to try to eat them properly; I definitely need help there. Gummy vitamins to the rescue! But I also splurged on a retinoid product with an SPF. I know it can't take away the lines I already have. I'm not expecting it to. I just don't want to have more!

I've talked about my problem skin already. And thank to hormones, I already have the skin of a woman in her mid-late 30s. I'm just not dry-skinned like older women apparently are! My facial skin is oily; the rest of my skin is dry. I don't need a whole lot of moisturiser in my products. So I wasn't sure what to get, outside of a strong retinol-based product with an SPF that was less than $20.

I picked out Garnier Ultra Lift 2-in-1 Wrinkle Reducer. It's one day in, and I haven't broken out yet from this. I also don't feel greasy like I do with most products. I've found that if I layer my sunscreen on over top of the retinoid, it doesn't make my skin feel awful either. Products like this can take up to a month of daily use to show any results, so maybe by my sister's birthday I'll look a little better!

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