Bebe Taian: Patchwork Progress

February 15, 2013

Patchwork Progress

Almost done with the first patchwork bag, mostly intended as a catchall for smaller items in a larger purse. My sewing machine is intended for quilting, not for zippers or thick fabrics, so much of this is done by hand.

This is part of my year-long attempt to use up materials that I already own and pick up new techniques and knowledge along the way. I chose some fabric pieces in geometric patterns so that when I quilted them, I could follow along the lines and practice sashiko techniques (albeit, not true sashiko form, which involves different thread types and forming patterns with the threads themselves). Still, it was an exercise in how to approach the lines more efficiently and evenly.

I think my next attempts will involve seeing how much binding tape I have left, and perhaps making placemats for a table I don’t yet own…

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