Bebe Taian: Secret Projects + Upcoming Events

February 7, 2013

Secret Projects + Upcoming Events

Coming up in the next few months, I have a secret project. ^_^ I was contacted last week for some stuff related to kimono, and Friday was a blast! So now I'm recruiting some help and making some decisions... I hope you'll be excited with the end result. Those of you who follow my Tumblr blog already have heard a little bit about it. But it won't be official until it's really "official" to me.

This weekend, I get to go to DragonFest, a New Year's parade in Orlando! <3 It's going to be so fun! I really wanted to wear the outfit I wore to my interview on Friday there, but it seems I might be allergic to whatever the juban was washed in last... my entire body was itchy and red the entire day, even hours after I took it off. No fun at all! I may wear the second juban in that outfit as the only juban, with a false collar for a third 'layer'. Or I may pick an entirely different outfit to send off the Year of the Dragon!

I sat down last night and did most of my seasonal calendar of nijuushi sekki and zassetsu. It's refreshing to get back into blogging after such a tumultuous period! I'm getting my priorities aligned again. If I have time, I might come up with an outfit purely for the Year of the Snake!

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