Bebe Taian: How to Use Chopsticks

March 12, 2013

How to Use Chopsticks

How to use chopsticks (ohashi), as explained by The Japanese Tradition. It's all in Japanese, and there are no subtitles, but without them, you can still clearly see the many ways to use chopsticks. It's a great video well worth watching, even if you've been a pro for years!


  1. It is really important to hold your chopstick correctly, easier said then done. This is the part that really takes some time to master. Watch how other people are doing it and be patient with yourself. If you really want to learn you should get as much practice as possible. Eat with personalized chopsticks at home and don't get lazy holding them just because no one is watching. You will find that when you hold them properly they are much easier to use anyway.

  2. Hahaha! The actor modeled the scenario with many priceless comical faces ^w^.
    I ate really slow first time I used the chopsticks. I think I still eat slow nowadays when using chopsticks hehehe....