Bebe Taian: Go Hime! Project Submission

April 6, 2013

Go Hime! Project Submission

A mysterious person (name not yet revealed) is hosting a photo submission contest for a kimonoHIME fan magazine, Go Hime! Submissions close on the 7th, so, in about an hour here.

I was feeling rather restless today and decided to dress up in my new kimono. I wasn't sure if I wanted to try submitting anything. I can't take photos of myself for anything, and my camera is about 10 years old now... but I ended up tossing in anyways, after my husband carted me out to a local park, camera in hand. <3

Plenty of familiar faces are already part of it! Lyuba of Strawberry Kimono, Naomi of Immortal Geisha + Kimono Asobi, BikaBika of Yield for Kimono, and Satomi Grim, amongst others. I don't think I'll win, but it was a great day to get photos of my new kimono!

What am I wearing?

- Taisho rose pattern komon
- Taisho peacock pattern juban
- Showa shushu Nagoya obi with shishi + fireworks motif
- Purple silk shibori obiage
- Wide pink + bluish-grey obijime
- Vintage gold/silver fan
- Long gauzy blue scarf (don't recall where it's from, but by now I suppose it doesn't matter...)
- Silver rose stud earrings
- Silvertone snake ring
- Bracelet of skull beads from a bone mala
- Stretch tabi + new sandals from Target (zori tend to break on me. Hanao are never long enough!)
- A pair of authentic bekko hairpins (but you can't really tell in the pics)


  1. Love the second photo!

    I just wanted to point out that I'm not actually hosting anything, I'm just a participant in Go Hime and promote the content. Go Hime was created by someone else, but I'm not sure when they will reveal themselves as founders (if they even will).

  2. Ahhh in that case, I'll edit the post. ^_^ I think you're the only spokesperson I've heard from about the project.

    Maybe the host is really a cat. A cat who wants to get fur on all the kimono, everywhere. It's just working to lure us into comfort and security before finding the perfect one to knead it's claws into, like Dante does with all of mine. x.x

  3. Oh, you look lovely! (and I'm so envious you actually have green grass, whereas we got snow again, the other day)

    If only there were local contests like that here, what a great opportunity to dress up and meet other kimono fans :)

    1. But I love snow! I don't love getting out of the shower, all clean and dry... and then you go out to check your mailbox, returning covered in sweat and pollen, and the smell of the air which is like a cross between ocean water and someone's garbage... ugh. x.x I haven't been able to breathe without coughing (yay allergies) since I went to Japan, where it was too cold for pollen season. Give me snow, and you'll see me in tabi and jeans! -We should totally trade places-

      PS- Your king has *great* hats.

  4. Hello, your ensemble was stunning OwOb.

    And btw, I think the name of Yield for Kimono's owner is BikaBika ;).

    1. Ara~ Yes! How did I not catch that? I'll fix it. ^_^