Bebe Taian: Overexposure.

April 4, 2013


I haven’t been blogging nearly as often as I’ve scheduled myself to. I got one day off this week, and that’ll be spent taking care of house stuff, packing orders for Perthro’s, and catching up with family and friends.

It’s been rough. A friend died, and I buried another friends’ cat, who was awesome. He was a very old kitty when he went. And all of this stuff, and the other minor stuff and setbacks going on, and still dosing Bebe daily with meds and trying to afford her other meds and special cat food and all this stuff… I just can’t function most days. I can’t focus for more than a few minutes on any one thing. I feel a bit stretched too thin, overexposed.

For what little time I do have on my day off, I think my version of relaxing will be to Google myself under various pennames and to shut down extraneous accounts. I found one today that I wrote one blog post under, and never logged in again. I just… forgot I had it. That’s how I know I’ve got too much going on!

The highlight of my week has been busting butt to make money for all the bills sort-of-ish on time. As a bonus, I did get a new Yoshi wallet to help organise all the stuff in my purse! My Bolivian-made one has been used daily for so long that it’s wearing thin and falling apart.

I’m sure I’ll return to blogging again one day soon. I miss it. I miss the small adventures of mini impromptu research projects for the fun of it. But now I can barely focus on a magazine article all the way through. I just keep moving from one thing to the next… but I hold out hope that things will change soon. Wish me luck!

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