Bebe Taian: June 2013

June 26, 2013

Private Collection: Kimono Haul 1

I'm not really back yet! I quit one job a little over a month ago, have had no hours on my second job since then (after a major disaster involving other employees and more money lost in one night than I made last year with 2-3 jobs! o.x), and am in the process of closing Perthro's. Other than that, it's just been de-stressing: cleaning up the apartment, a major feat after so much neglect; catching up with friends + solving crises; and actually taking some personal time for projects that I've wanted to do, like making kanji flash cards, working through the textbooks I've bought, etc. And oh, I picked up another part-time job anyways.

One of the luxuries this has afforded me (after socking some away in savings, of course!) is the chance to buy some new kimono things!

Some of them were purchased for Natsu Matsuri, the annual Summer festival that I attend every year as a vendor- totally justified! Others were purely for myself. After so long of making important decisions like "Do I get this dish soap now, or food for the rest of the week?" I was just incredibly excited about having spending money again... and I went a bit overboard.

Two narrow obijime in complimentary colours, to be worn together or separately, a pair of wooden zori-style shoes with usagi hanao, a coloured haneri, a couple pairs of tabi that fit, a pair of patterned stretch tabi for my sister, two obi, and a few kimono... I think that's it. But I'll soon have a sha obi to go with my summer kimono (which I lacked utterly), and a few more long-sleeved kimono in darker colours.

I've been inspired by ukiyo-e lately, looking to paintings for patterns and colours. I've found another with a black-backed, red and white asa-no-ha front panel being worn! So it looks like the one I picked up has a long-standing tradition. Surely, the maker also loved these artworks. I was looking for deep grey/blue, black/grey, and brown items especially, but as usual I fell in love with something else...