Bebe Taian: For Sale (or Trade) Sunday: Kimono, Jewellery, etc.

July 20, 2013

For Sale (or Trade) Sunday: Kimono, Jewellery, etc.

For Sale (or Trade) Sunday is here again!

I did this years' Natsu Matsuri, this time in Tampa (not Mango like last year), but I still have so, so much left over to sell. The thing is, I also want more kimono stuff. >D Anyone want to trade? I need obiage, obijime, obi (preferably fukuro or maru, since I tend to wear those the most), and other stuff, but I also adore geiko/maiko/bijin postcards (originals), kimono or Japan-related magazines and books, and all kinds of other stuff. I'll pretty much consider any trade. There are a few items (such as the dishes) I cannot trade for, however, because someone else takes most of the money from the sale.

I made a new folder on my personal G+ for the trade/sale items with all the details in the captions. Amongst them, these beauties:

Pre-WW2 Synthetic kimono with original lining
Yukata, approx. late 90s. Will be ironed before shipping.
Brand-new odori kimono. Hitoe synthetic. Handwashable.

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