Bebe Taian: J-club Meetup at Kalesia Teahouse

September 9, 2013

J-club Meetup at Kalesia Teahouse

I was picking up DH from work when the actual meeting started, but I made sure to get to Kalesia's for the meetup afterwards! The J-club at USF has a weekly meeting to talk about various aspects of Japanese culture as well as club activities. Each week has a theme, like "Different Regions of Japan" or "How to Do Origami". So unlike most university "Japanese clubs", it doesn't feel like a weeaboo anime group. I'm not a USF student yet, but sometimes I'm invited to the events too.

Naturally, on one of the last days to wear summer kimono, I had to dress up... a shame I didn't have a ro kimono that fit! So instead I wore sha in serene blues and gold. The obi turned out to be a perfect match! With deep aubergine openweave obijime and a white obiage (I need a summer one! But this one had woven white-on-white momiji), I think it came off rather nicely! I need a ro or sha juban as well. I can see why they only seem to come in white these days. And why is it that every time I get photos, I have bad hair, and when I have freshly-dyed fabulous hair, no one wants to go someplace to do photos?!

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