Bebe Taian: 食欲の秋: Autumn is the Season for Eating

October 4, 2013

食欲の秋: Autumn is the Season for Eating

"Shokuyoku no aki."

Now is perhaps the most delicious time of the year. The cold soups of summer have passed, and the salt and rice days of deep winter are still a long way off. That means rich, hearty Autumn food! Officially, the season started in September, but here in FL it's still nice and hot. But then, when does that ever change? We could wear sha all year!

Gingko in Autumn
If you're looking for a snack, persimmons (kaki) and Tanba chestnuts are premium. Persimmon is used for dye, preserving paper, and it also makes a delicious dish when sliced and eaten raw. It's no wonder that this fruit is a Japanese favourite!

Gingko is also beautifully in season, with the trees turning bright yellow-gold! Gingko is a reference to longevity, so be sure to have at least a little! Roasted gingko nuts with the pulp removed (ginnan) are a delicacy and an old remedy for indigestion. They are said to be useful for improving memory and brain function. Make sure you get the freshest gingko possible, as old or expired gingko and whole gingko seeds won't help and might even be harmful. If you'd like to read more about this awesome plant in reference to Japanese culture, I suggest this essay at the Japanese American National Museum's page.

With all of the delicious things ripe in this part of the year (eggplants, pumpkins...), it's hard to try them all. But maybe you'll find room for just a little of these this year... Happy eating!

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