Bebe Taian: Casual Kitsuke: Striped Komon

October 2, 2013

Casual Kitsuke: Striped Komon

DH ended up feeling pretty excited this weekend, so we went out to take photos. It was a Fox Wedding day- too bad I didn't have a kitsune mask! But the camera died once and for all, so we ended up using his phone camera.

A Fox Wedding day is when it's raining while the sun is shining, a pretty common thing in Florida. It was brilliantly blue out, then dark and cloudy, then blue again, threatening to rain all day... Much windier downtown than in my part of the city! If I'd expected that, I'd have brought clips or something for my hair.

This time, I have a wool komon worn without proper juban (omg so hot out why), yukata-style. I kept with a plain mustard-yellow nagoya obi to drop the formality level, since I didn't have a hanhaba and I think the otaiko simply looks better. The shibori obiage in purple since the blue didn't quite work out, and although shibori is somewhat formal, I didn't have a less-formal option to work with. The wide casual obijime patterned with silver was tied so that mostly the purple showed, using a vintage brooch as an obidome. I love the brooch element in particular! It was so sparkly in person! Keeping with the casual feel, standard silver/black sandals were worn, with high black socks.

A lot of shots were taken, but only a few were fairly good. I think we'll be reading tutorials on how to take better photos this week and try again soon. I also need to do something with my hair to balance out the wider lines of kimono. I have a fairly small face paired with broad shoulders, so I always look visually unbalanced. I might braid it to get it poofy and do something with it next time. I'm also making a list of outfits and locations that aren't too far to drive to for photos.

Anyone have suggestions on better photos? Keep in mind that I have no funds to replace the camera anytime soon, so camera phone it is...

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  1. The secret to better photos are better poses. I recommend practicing in the mirror. It might seem silly to you at first, but it's well worth the time and effort.