Bebe Taian: Coveted Kimono: October Kitsuke

October 12, 2013

Coveted Kimono: October Kitsuke

I love October. It's probably my favourite month! The smell in the air changes, pumpkins become plentiful and cheap, there's pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks... oh yeah, and everything turns to red, brown, and gold. At least, it does when you're not in Florida.

In October, it is decidedly awase weather in Japan. Ocher yellows, golds, deep brown-red (like azuki beans), maroons, wisteria purples, and black are in fashion. It's the month of chrysanthemums, and maple leaves, gingko, fall motifs, sutras, and court-scene patterns are all in style. And of course, because of all the fall festivals, anything associated with those can also be worn (like rice patterns, grapes, etc.). Monochrome outfits with a few accents seem to be the popular thing.

Ichiroya, as always, has some beautiful clothes to wear. This month, I think a brilliant outfit would be similar to this:

Mustard-yellow iromuji with sayagata woven patterns in chirimen silk; hallmarks of the season, and wearable well into November, which is the perfect month. Still, it's fashionable to look forward a few weeks to a new season, especially with a versatile kimono such as this.

It would be especially splendid to wear to a small, intimate gathering, like a tea ceremony or a relaxed, somewhat mid-range/upscale Japanese restaurant with friends. With only one crest, it is a semi-formal kimono, and can be dressed slightly down with a Nagoya obi, or slightly up with a fukuro obi.

This kimono in particular is being sold as handicraft material, but if you intend to practice kitsuke and you are a crafter, you may as well try this. The stains seem to not show up well in photos, so it may work for a modelling basis, if not for regular wear.

To keep with an almost monochrome feeling, try this shioze silk obi, which is more deadleaf tan with a country pattern.

If you look closely, it has hints of mustards and golds in it, while keeping with the autumn feel. There are also small blue kikyo in the pattern, which are for late Summer/early Fall, making this one more versatile through the July-October period. Strawberries and hagi allude to the dying of the sweet Summer days, while waiting for the coming coolness through the warm afternoons.

Because this obi has many other hints of colour in it, you could reasonably pair it with any of them and it would still work. Anything from cool, shadowy greens to warm, deep rose pinks, or royal blue could carry just as well.

In this case, if I paired these two together, I would probably use either a deep blue chirimen obiage which only shows a hint (such as my maple obiage) and a white/blue variagated obijime, or plain white obiage with some gold and shibori patterns, with a yellow/white variagated obijime.

These auctions only last a few days on Ebay, but since they are posted by Ichiroya, if it does not sell, they may relist on Ebay or on their website. Take a look! They're very inexpensive right now.

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