Bebe Taian: For Sale Sunday: Wedding Accessories, Yukata

October 13, 2013

For Sale Sunday: Wedding Accessories, Yukata

For Sale Sunday is here again! This time, it's wedding accessories, yukata sets, and some assorted other things. On Ebay, I can easily combine shipping on all items if you pay for everything at once or send an invoice request. I do ship overseas, even though from America it can be expensive.

A dusty pink silk haori with fans, waves, and flower patterns. 

It was probably worn for tea ceremony, considering the soft tones and traditional patterns. It's a late Showa piece, probably mid-late 80s or maybe the early 90s (Heisei) at the newest. Back lining is white.

There are some spots and one tiny hole on the inside, which you can see in the photos I posted. The himo need to be replaced, but I do sell beaded haori himo which are one of a kind!

Hakoseko wallets! These are modern deadstock and have never been used.

They are synthetic chirimen, and are double-sided. So, the blue/pink one is mostly pink on the back and blue at the bottom, reverse of what is shown in the photo. Only the pale pink/green one has a white accessory. Normally these are worn for weddings, but they can be used at many occasions. They are worn tucked into the front of the kimono at the chest, and usually hold tissues or cards or somesuch. A hakoseko is essentially three folded flip-panels, which sometimes have a mirror in them, but these do not.

Purple rose yukata/easy hanhabi obi set, perfect for conventions, festivals, and around-the-house wearing.

Yukata are washable cotton kimono, and the synthetic easy-obi makes them a cinch to put on. The yukata is a bit wrinkled in the photo from having just been washed, but I'll be sure to iron it before it leaves here.

There are a few small damages, like a spot where the dye is a little off-coloured at the bottom hem (bluish instead of purple, but the blue matches the roses. Maybe the dye didn't take all the way?) There is an upper body lining that has an unfinished edge as well, but it looks like that's how it originally came. The rich, dark purple is more of a royal purple colour than in the photos, but for some reason, synthetic purple dyes photograph as blue.

The hanhaba obi just wraps around the waist twice and ties in back. Be sure to hide the string inside the obi! Then you put the bow on behind you with the wire insert. All done! No need for tying it yourself.

Only the waist-panel can be washed. Since it's synthetic, I recommend hand-washing in cold water. The bow cannot be washed because I think there is a cardboard stiffener in it, keeping the bow's shape. It should not get wet, although it may be possible to spot-clean it. 

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