Bebe Taian: For Sale Sunday: WW2-era Kimono, Kaku Obi

October 27, 2013

For Sale Sunday: WW2-era Kimono, Kaku Obi

I reopened my Etsy page to permanently host listings for my vintage and handmade things. Recent items will still be posted on Ebay, of course. And if you e-mail me, I can definitely combine shipping between sites!

All in all, it's been rough. I was in a car accident which totaled the car, which caused me to lose one well-paying job, and then both DH and I lost our jobs (I had three). And then without a car, I can't get to the third job when they called me for work! Aaugh! So I'm selling off some kimono I absolutely adore, and I'm sure you'll love them, too. :P They're all absolutely perfect, even if some are in less than pristine condition.

WW2-era Burnt Orange Kiku Kimono, approx. 1940s

This komon is from the 1940s, judging by the shorter sleeves and characteristic red lining of the era. Woven into the fabric is a pattern of waves and chrysanthemums in diagonal stripes, a chic and tasteful Autumn design. It seems to be a thick silk/synthetic blend, which was fairly common at the time, but I can't be certain without taking a piece of it apart and doing a burn test. The lining is intact, but there are some stains on the front left panel and inside.

Shoulder to hem: 142.5CM/57IN
Wrist to wrist: 125CM/50IN
Sleeve length: 51.87CM/20.75IN
Body width: 60CM/24IN

 WW2-era Black + Green Synthetic Kimono

This kimono is from the late 1930s or the 1940s, judging by the red lining and short sleeves. The outer fabric is a thin early synthetic, and the lining is silk. Green, white, and black, with mustard and red lining. This kimono has many damages, mostly to the lining. There are one or two on the outside of the kimono, like the moth holes in the sleeve shown. There are more photos, but Etsy only allows five. It is a difficult thing to wear unless you intend to wear a haori over the top to hide the sleeve damage. It is a unique piece of history, however, for the collector.

Shoulder to hem: 59IN/150CM
Wrist to wrist: 49.5IN/126CM
Sleeve length: 20IN/51CM
Body width: 12.25IN/31CM

Unused Vintage Blue Men's Kaku Obi

This is a vintage synthetic formal or semi-formal kaku obi, a type of narrow obi for men's kimono.

Vintage "new" is an item which was manufactured and then didn't sell; it has never been worn. This one is from approximately the early 1990s. The original white wrappers are still on the obi. The blue one is the last one available, so get it while you can!

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