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December 1, 2013

Bebe Taian: What It's About

Bebe Taian has been open for a couple of years now. The time goes by so quickly, and there's a million things I do that don't get blogged about, and a million things I want to write and don't have time or energy as frequently as I like.

In the past month and a half, I've been in a bad car accident which wrecked my car and herniated discs in my neck, lost all three of my jobs, DH lost his job, I found a new job that taxes me physically and pays not much, and DH at last found a new job. There was a battle over Azrael's medical care, and the attendance at/performance of a show on geisha culture (one of those things I haven't blogged about yet). Lots and lots of doctors' appointments. The medication I'm on knocks me out at only 2.5mg, but doesn't work for it's intended purpose until I'm at 5-10mg. Aaaugh! But it's at least given me time to refocus on what I want to do with this blog.

Much of my issue with posts is that I HATE just re-posting something half-mashed from other websites and Wikipedia. Such is the nature of modern research, I suppose, but I want more.

A lot of information I've looked into getting is basically behind a paywall; I know this is a HUGE deterrent to people who actually want to learn about Japanese culture, and I'm working on getting the money to pay for this info so that I can repost it for others to read for free. I am especially interested in works written by Japanese people, preferably translated by other Japanese. I'm getting a little better at being about to spot racist tropes included in Western publications specifically because they entertain our narrative about what Japan/Asians are/do (see, for example, "The Talisman"), but will others? I'm not so sure.

I've started writing a style guide that I should follow, and a guide to tags and what falls under each category to avoid confusion. For example, "Meiji" will now be about historical events happening during the Meiji era, not kimono from those years. Some tags will be going away, others will be expanded.

I also need to decide exactly what I want to cover here. A lot of blogs cover pop culture, I'm sure: music, dorama (drama TV), etc. I do like talking about these things sometimes, but I think my main focus is "old" Japan, traditional Japan in the earlier days of Western influence. But I also do like doing book reviews and occasionally mentioning which anime/manga I like, although I don't watch/read much of either. Then again, I haven't had a lot of time for reading at all lately! I need to make more time for interesting things like this, and take notes while I'm at it.

A lot of what I hope to accomplish requires expendable income, and that's been the most difficult part since the library near me is closed, possibly for another year. I need a scanner that is large enough to handle some of the books I've acquired in order to get photos, too! Because of the space limitations in this apartment, this may mean simply upgrading the printer to a print/scan combo, money permitting. I think the expense will be worth it, though. If putting out the money on this stuff means that someone gets a better education without the struggles and problems I've gone through, it means something to me.

If you have suggestions on what you want to see here, please let me know!

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