Bebe Taian: Maiko in Vintage Postcards

December 28, 2013

Maiko in Vintage Postcards

I received another surprise Christmas gift from one of my friends in Japan, one that I've talked about needing for several years but could never quite afford with all the other stuff to take care of... a scanner! Technically, a printer/scanner combo, which is basically everything I wanted. It even has the four separate ink cartridges, so if I run out of blue, I don't have to throw out full pink or yellow ink cartridges just to replace blue. Yaaaay! This means I can sell my old printer, which is actually fairly new.

To celebrate this awesomeness, I went and scanned in a bunch of my postcards and some of the magazine articles I've been wanting to capture. Google Books doesn't have a copy of them, and they're a bit long for me to type up right now. Future project? But for now, maiko photos!

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