Bebe Taian: Aaugh! Must... Clean... Everything...

January 28, 2014

Aaugh! Must... Clean... Everything...

Must... clean... everything!

I worked Sunday, then had jury selection duty yesterday and wasn't able to post anything substantial... x.x But I still haven't gotten the photos from the last geisha show either! This one was really low key. We had a raised platform that we partially covered in reed mats, with a small kotatsu that I ended up sitting on to raise me higher for the rest of the audience to see me. The show before this, we had a full scene with screens, furniture, antiques, etc. set up, but for this event, it was really small and short (maybe an hour? hard to tell).

I've discovered that since the structure was very different this time, I need to come up with an organised list of things to touch on, in an arrangement that kind of flows from one topic to the next. So I'll add that to the list of things to do! Until I get those photos though, I can't really post about the whole day, can I?

But wow, I'm piled under clutter in the apartment again. This happens pretty easily. I run the online store, have been helping a friend clean out her dad's house, and going through piles of legal/insurance paperwork resulting from the car accident I was in. But underneath all that somewhere is a pile of things I want to scan in for this blog! Ofurisode advertisements from ten years ago (Disney ofurisode, anyone?), kimono accessory photos, so much stuff. Can't wait to get it all out, scan it in, and start posting!

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