Bebe Taian: For Sale Sunday: Kimono/Obi Sets, Haori Himo, Vintage Rice Bag

January 5, 2014

For Sale Sunday: Kimono/Obi Sets, Haori Himo, Vintage Rice Bag

This week, I've been listing as many new things for sale as possible, with many more photos to come as lighting indoors permits! Amongst the new items, I have several beaded haori himo, a vintage rice bag from WW2-era, and a few kimono/obi sets.

Taisho Modern kimono featuring the original red lining, with tatewaku pattern speckled with yellow and red squares, in a fuzzy meisen-like weave. I haven't seen any visible staining, but I can double-check before it goes out. This is one I need to get better photos of; they kept coming out fuzzy because of the indoor lighting and my shaking too much. x.x

The obi is a matching red, white, and silver Nagoya obi, with a geometric line pattern mimicking tatewaku. Very tasteful and appropriate! The obi is plain enough to not take away from the rich purple and busy pattern of the kimono, but bold enough to pair with other kimono easily. Red is a fairly neutral kimono colour as well, so the obi will match many casual outfits.

Beaded haori himo made from reclaimed vintage beads cut from older Japanese costume jewellery. Each one is different.

They are made to be lightweight so that they don't pull or tear more fragile fabrics such as vintage and antique silks, so I chose acrylic, plastic, and sometimes zinc alloy metals for beading. Chartreuse, pale blues, purple, gold, pink, and silver are all tones found in the new himo, with more varied sets coming.

Floral rice bag from the 1930s-1940s, likely made from upcycled maru obi, lined with cotton sack fabric. The tassels and kumihimo closure seems to be synthetic, which wasn't really a quality thing until around war-era (although synthetics started showing up in fabric around Taisho era). Fabric was very scarce at that time, so many items were cut down and reused in such a way.

The bag is quite large, and can fit 4-5 bath towels folded into it easily. I do not recommend using it to carry things around anymore because of it's age. It is not washable, and must be spot-treated or dry-cleaned by someone who has experience with antiques. Bags like these are hard to come by these days, so don't miss out!

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