Bebe Taian: For Sale Sunday: More Himo + Accessories

January 12, 2014

For Sale Sunday: More Himo + Accessories

I missed this one today! Actually tried to sleep in for once, after working shifts all week... and then went to work this afternoon. But I did manage to list a few new things, and took photos of plenty more! So those should be for sale soon, including some great vintage Tiffany crystal, vintage Wedgewood dishware, and various cat-themed items.

Kimono sleeves too short? Yeah, they usually are on vintage kimono (or really, any kimono not made expressly for you). But that's OK- just wear a few bracelets! With casual outfits, one or two pieces of jewellery or a nice pair of gloves can bring a modern touch and plenty of fun. This one is for sale on Etsy.

This bracelet's colours and composition is based on the tarot card "The Empress", representing emotion as a force of nature. I have a few bracelets based on archetypes, all different colours and themes.

Only three of these beautiful shibori koshi himo left! Each one was handmade from silk, with real shibori made the traditional way, not the faux-shibori which is made by printing fabric. One is in shades of pink, one in peachy-yellows, and one in bright orange. Even though they aren't seen when worn, luxury comes in the little things.

Get all three as a set in my Etsy shop!

More haori himo, made from a mix of vintage and new beads. These are pretty, lightweight for delicate vintage fabrics, and light-catching. Each one is one of a kind, so you'll be the only one wearing the one you purchase!

Himo run $5-8 each, and I combine shipping. Most shipping for small items like these maxes out at $6 within the US.

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