Bebe Taian: 大寒: Great Cold

January 20, 2014

大寒: Great Cold

Here in Florida, as in Japan, we are actually getting Daikan ("Great Cold") season! The polar chill is here again, and it seems like everyone is breaking out coats that we shouldn't even own as Floridians!

Saturday, I spent my day at the flea market, in two layers of thermal socks while my toes lost feeling. I pulled them off to put them under the bathroom's hand dryer and noticed that my nails had turned bluish-purple. It was really that cold! I was in two shirts, jeans, and a thick jacket too, and still freezing. Normally I like cold weather, but Florida has kind of a wet cold that creeps into the bones. It's very different from cold up north! I was actually warmer in waist-deep snow one year in Michigan than I am down here in 50F chill. Strange, isn't it?

But now is the time for snowy plum blossoms! Bamboo is receding, and branches of early spring flowers and grasses are starting to show. Wear greys, pale pinks, mouse-browns, and plenty of shades of pale blue. Flowing silk in two layers, thicker silk obi, and pretty black lacquer or kiri zori.

Fortunately, it is the very last before Spring starts! Winter is ending at last!

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