Bebe Taian: 人日: Jinjitsu!

January 7, 2014

人日: Jinjitsu!

Jinjitsu is a holiday I've written about once before, which used to be called Nanakusa no Sekku. This holiday means "Human Day" and today is considered to be part of New Years' Celebrations. I think on this day, some people offer sake to their okami for good fortune. Also, 七草の節句 (nanakusu gayu) is eaten for good health. Nanakusu gayu is a seven-herb porridge, very filled with fiber and delicious herbs which are thought to be medicinal. One of the herbs, however, is strangely poisonous- except for Japanese varieties. Seri is water dropwort. Most of the species of this plant are dangerously toxic to humans, except O. Javanica. If you are making nanakusu gayu outside of Japan, be very sure of which kind you have!

O. Javanica (Seri) - KENPEI
This year, I will probably not eat nanakusa gayu since I will be working. I think, however, I will bring my boss some herbal tea. Because it got cold suddenly in Florida, people are not used to it, and are starting to feel sick. The air is either very humid, or very dry from heaters/AC running, contributing to cough. If you are sick, you cannot come to work in the restaurant, of course, so we cannot allow someone to get sick if we can help it! But the restaurant makes a very filling meal every night for us. I think last week we had a kind of chicken and tofu curry, with large fried tofu blocks with a texture very much like extra-fluffy eggs. And now all this take makes me want agedashidofu! Augh!

Shigiyoshi is also today, but I think some places start early. Shigiyoshi is the day (or sometimes week, depending on house) when maiko and geiko in Kyoto dress in formal black hikizuri with gold obi and visit everyone who has helped support them to wish a happy New Year and to ask for continued support. They must renew their vows for the year as well. Being a geisha is very much like being married! Every year, you must re-commit yourself to becoming better at what you do. 

This year, Satsuki-san is the winner! She earned the most in the past year, so she gets some special recognition. It must be such a thrilling occasion!

Since it is Human Day, though, I will try to be nicer to other humans. I try anyways, but maybe some extra effort can't hurt. <3

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