Bebe Taian: The Weekender, Vol. 2

January 11, 2014

The Weekender, Vol. 2


Wow, this week went by fast. O.o I feel like I haven't had time for anything! I guess that's a good thing. Work picked up a lot, which helped me to pay the rent this month and take Bebe to the vet. She had some pretty alarming symptoms (lethargy, uneven pupils, one non-responsive), but relatively fortunately, it's just cataracts and possibly a pinched nerve in her neck that she can stretch and roll out of. She did by yesterday. So, pain meds for the Bebe-cat. These things left me with little time to do the research I really wanted to do this week, or even to continue reading, but I suppose there's always next week, right?


- Wednesday the 8th was the 22nd anniversary of the "Comfort Women" protests in front of the Japanese Embassy of Seoul, S. Korea. Comfort Women were prisoners held by Japanese, especially during WW2. These weekly protests are particularly important, as Japan still has not made restitution to the last remaining survivors, and to this day, protest any reference to their existence at all.
- It looks like more and more small businesses are dwindling due to the cheapness of mass-produced products, usually made by underpaid and overworked labourers. This one, fortunately, has some help! A friendly reminder to support smaller venues whenever possible. :P
- Coming back to Nintendo, which I mentioned last week, I found a guide for maintenance. Why didn't I read this stuff sooner? Everything new is on CD, but NintendoDS probably still has many of the same rules as the old NES did.
- You might be surprised, if you've been to Japan, that the black vans of people shouting at you are not in fact racist towards white people. They are not yelling at you to leave their country. In fact, they're Uyoku Dantai, right-wingers who are racist towards Koreans. Kind of like how right-wingers here in America want to get rid of all the brown people (insert current race of topic here: South Americans, Mexicans, "Muslims" <-- actually a religion, not a race, but used to mean any Middl Eastern or Arab-descent person) who live here. Surprise! This behaviour isn't limited to America. But it's certainly not as violent as America towards minorities.


Do you know of any great local businesses? Do you shop at any of them?
Do you wear tabi even without geta or zori?
Have you ever been to Japan? If so, what did you like best?

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