Bebe Taian: Waitressing Can Be Hard Work!

January 6, 2014

Waitressing Can Be Hard Work!

Yoshitoshi Tsukioka - Fukugawa Waitress

I'm back to waitressing again, and it can be hard work. Shifts are unpredictable, and I can be called in on less than fifteen minutes notice in an emergency (one hour if not). The job taxes the body with repetitive stress injuries, since the trays can be heavy, whipping them around people and tables can be unwieldy, and wearing a wrist brace means it gets dirty, smelly, and it's hard to wash your hands AND the brace- so you just don't wear one. Plus, the work itself is untimed. Unlike jobs in some industries such as call centres, where you have a list or a first-come-first-serve order, waitressing demands you seat everyone in order and then take whoever orders something first... and also, there can be every seat in the house filled, or none filled, and you have to prepare as if every seat will be filled most nights, just in case!

Even so, I'll try to keep up with the blog in this new year. <3

Tomorrow is Jinjitsu*, and also Unmei's birthday! But of course, I work, so I'll have to see her sometime soon... So return tomorrow to find out what Jinjitsu is about!

*Not to be confused with jiu-jitsu, the martial art

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