Bebe Taian: Coveted Kimono: Indigo Tsumugi

March 5, 2014

Coveted Kimono: Indigo Tsumugi

I'm feeling sedate and super-casual today, keeping to greys, black, deep blues. I wish I had a day off to wear kimono like these! ... well, I guess for that, I'd need kimono like these first...

This grey-blue kimono is tsumugi weave, like an ikat. It's soft and floral, even though the silk is a comfy nubbly texture. Super-casual and perfect for the hot days of Florida Spring, when it's 75F+ during the day. Can you see it with this obi, maybe with a pair of wooden geta with yellow hanao?I was thinking maybe the colourful paper patterns would bring a little life to the kimono, if 'cooled down' with a pale blue or yellow obiage.

Kimono - Obi

I suppose the last obi would work with this kimono as well, but who could resist another dark asanoha kimono? Certainly not me. And the rabbit obi! <3 <3 <3 How to choose? ... Okay, I'd pick the rabbit obi if I could only have one.

But from far away, I think the black and white pattern of the asanoha kimono would look almost grey, deep and rich like the rabbit obi. Plus, with a large, bold pattern of the rabbit obi counters the small repeating pattern of the asanoha. With soft colours like silver, white, and blue as pale as the halos of a full moon,  it could be perfect for a moon-viewing party. Bring sake!

Kimono - Obi

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