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March 23, 2014

For Sale: Indie Makeup, Books, Beads

I'm destashing more and more of my life since I'm downsizing everything. Plus this job is on shaky grounds, and I haven't managed to land a new one yet. x.x But the good news is that I might be getting a desk soon, right? I haven't had a desk in years!

The first thing I'm destashing is a lot of unopened makeup, mostly from indie brand Shiro Cosmetics! Yeah, yeah, I've posted about her before. I have some discontinued Spinarak and Beta you won't find anywhere else (they work very well together, actually), and some of the really gorgeous new stuff from the Hobbit and Game of Thrones-inspired lines. I bought a lot of different shades from her, but it's official: I just don't do blues very well. x.x But these haven't been opened, so I don't mind passing them on for a discount! Also, there's an unopened sample if BareMinerals super-expensive mascara, and a new Benefit highlighter. If the auction ends, it'll be renewed.

Bunches of cat books! =^.^= The Silent Miaow, The Stanyan Book of Cats, and The Cat Who Went to Paris. There are so many more, but omg, I inherited piles of cat books!

Most of them are vintage, almost all in pristine condition, like they've been read twice if at all. I need to get out the shelf full and start listing again!

Check my store this week for assorted lots of cat books, especially inspirational pet books like "Furry Logic" and "Zen for Cats".

More beads are starting to pile up as well. I just took a massive lot down to the Upcycle Trading Company, a local store that takes in new and used craft supplies for store credit. They had a vintage man's haori there! But it was in a little bit of rough condition and had been resewn a few times, so I passed on it. Would make for excellent fabric for someone's project though, especially that beautifully subdued lining. And yet, somehow there was another box of stuff I missed!

Bronze fan charms!

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