Bebe Taian: Private Collection: Kyoto Bridges Obi

March 13, 2014

Private Collection: Kyoto Bridges Obi

Sometime around Christmas I bought myself a new obi/obijime set. I've been working hard enough,
right? And I paid all the bills first... but it's my last kimono purchase for a long time. Even though it's very much out of season right now, I can't wait to wear it!

The iromuji is one I've had for awhile. The gold iromuji my mother bought me years ago, with pampass grass patterns and subtle shifts from khaki to a very slightly orange-toned tan. You can almost tell in the large version of the photo. In bright lighting, it's very difficult to see. Only in dim teahouse lighting can you really see it's true beauty! This kind of serene kimono was made for subtlety. 

The bright obi is rokutsuu-fukuro, 60% patterened with white/gold towards the end. There is a repeating pattern of Kyoto during the fall woven into it. The colours seem so much more brilliant in person. Really, it seems too pretty to wear with a simple otaiko knot. The green/white obijime with rolling patterns is the perfect highlight to the bright green in the leaves here! But should I wear it with the white or the orange obiage? The white is white and gold matsu-pattern, where the orange is shibori crosshatch with woven clover (although, you can't see the clover when it's tied). Eggplant-purple collar? White? Deep chocolate brown with some gold?

I can't wait for October!

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