Bebe Taian: Sold! Koshi Himo and Satsuma Peacock Bowl

March 24, 2014

Sold! Koshi Himo and Satsuma Peacock Bowl

At last! My friends' Satsuma china sold! It just needed the right person to come along.

I'll be packing it tonight if possible and shipping out in the morning. A shame I just got rid of a box of packing peanuts last week! Auugh! Every time! I sit on one for months, say 'eh, it's taking up a lot of room...', throw it all out, and then...

Naturally. But my friend will be grateful for the money!

And these koshi himo were the last of the wrapped ones to be sold. The person who bought them will be attending a Japanese festival soon! How exciting! I missed J-club USF's Haru Matsuri this year, so I'm happy these will at least see a fun event. My own himo need to come out of the closet soon... it's been too long since I brought out kimono to wear for myself!

I'll have to update my G+ profile to clear out all the stuff that's gone! There's so much left still...

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