Bebe Taian: Weekender 5: Overworked But Grateful

March 2, 2014

Weekender 5: Overworked But Grateful


I have been working 40-60 hours a week for over a month now. February had 28 days; I worked 26 shifts. I got a day off for my car accident trial (yes! He got ticketed! First step in the grueling process), and two 'general' days off. I spent those with friends to catch up and doing errands. I haven't gotten more than a few pages of reading done, and when I have time to read, I'm usually so zoned out that I can't focus on anything. Plus I inherited piles of books and other household items to resell, so I have to sort through those, list them, or take them to local dealers (such as in the case of the books) and see if I can get cash or store credit for them. They're all beautiful, and most of them brand new or like new, not even read. But I really don't have much shelf space right now. It's driving DH crazy!

So much to do, so very little time for anything.


- I'm on a makeup kick, esp. since I got my hair cut recently. Shiro Cosmetics released more new stuff and retired a lot of my favourites (always happens!). New shade: Jareth's Tight Pants.
- Speaking of makeup, looking at traditional Japanese makeup/hair stuff is maddening. But if you're not into oshiroi (and let's face it, how many of us are going around in something no one wears?), try Hakuhodo. Top-line brushes that last forever with proper care! Okay, they have a top-line price, too... for now, I'll stick with my EcoTools.
- I kept wondering what these wooden tray things were for. Japanorama has solved my mystery! I bought my bekko combs from him before. I can't wait to come back!
- For guys who think that wanting an Asian girlfriend is "just a preference", educate yourself. Analyze. Why is having an Asian girlfriend so important to you? Because the next guy who says "You love me long time!" when I'm out in kimono is getting punched.
- I want to do photos like BikaBika one day!
- I made a few more things! <3 And they're going up for sale today... before I head back into work.

Beaded Haori Himo -


Did you make anything this weekend? 
Just a few himo and assorted pieces of jewellery for the shop. I made a lovely tiger eye/rose quartz/bronze bracelet, and a few pairs of bone/bronze/aventurine or agate earrings. I wish I'd gotten photos of them! Maybe I'll make a pair of citrine/dragon's vein agate for myself.

Do you have a current hobby fixation?
Hard to have a hobby when I'm working, thinking of work, sleeping, or doing 'life stuff'. ::sighs:: But the spare few minutes I get to make something, I at least like to look at my supplies... 

Do you ever wear kimono out? (Did I ask this before?) Where did you go? 
I haven't gotten to wear kimono in awhile, but I did wear my black Gion haori the other day! I went to get sushi someplace that isn't my job. >D

How do you store your makeup, if you have any?
Currently isn't mostly in one big makeup bag, separated into three pockets, plus a bead tray repurposed for loose shadow. I need a better solution!

Did you make anything this weekend?
Do you have a current hobby fixation?
Do you ever wear kimono out? (Did I ask this before?) Where did you go?
How do you store your makeup, if you have any?

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