Bebe Taian: Cleaning Up - The Whirlwind Week

April 15, 2014

Cleaning Up - The Whirlwind Week

Still working lots of days and long hours, although I've been getting a few days off for the past week. Which is nice! I can catch up on physical therapy, going to the gym, cleaning, and clearing out stuff to sell. Dante and Lovecraft both have cat colds, and Bebe needed to go to the vet after her diabetes flared up and made her really sick. Joys upon joys.

On the plus side, they'll be okay soon (I hope; I'm keeping an eye on Lovie), and I got to see a friend safely into his new residence after his roommate decided to evict him on 0 notice. Luckily, he knew it was coming (since he was leaving at the end of the month anyways) and had a place to go. The move was beautiful, like a military operation. Just seamless and organized. <3 And his kitty is a lil fluffball of luv, so I got to pet him too for a few minutes. Plus, today, I packed three pounds of herbs for the shop... and I have about seven more to go. But I ran out of bags until Wednesday. So I decided, hey, I'll print labels! ... and then after one sheet, my ink ran out. x.x Aaaaaugh!

It's that kind of week. No gunshot wounds, just repeatedly stubbing a toe on every step.

After packing herbs and getting labels and all that, I spent nine hours today getting photos of some of the sale things and listing new items. ::phew:: I can finally close up an old storefront and work towards consolidating everything into one shop. I can't run multiple storefronts anymore! Goodbye to ShopHandmade, Zibbet, Wix, and soon, Weebly. I can't take all this online clutter! I can't handle the in-person clutter either, but I do have to try to make something off of it... these vet bills aren't cheap, and they're very necessary visits. I'm fortunate that my vet consults on the phone and only schedules appointments when necessary so he can get to the really sick animals first. He does things like emergency surgeries in office, so it's pretty critical to do so, I think. But when I do go it, it isn't free. So I need to sell off all the clothes I don't wear, the books I don't read, just about everything. And then when I sell enough off, I can get rid of furniture, too.

I just can't do it all. I'm trying, but... I think there isn't enough of me, or enough hours in a day, or enough days in a year to accomplish everything I feel like I need to get done. I'm swiftly putting myself in burnout mode again, and... there's little I can really do about it. If I keep going, burnout. If I stop, I risk losing everything: the apartment, the car, the cats, just... everything. So I keep trying.

Ganbaremasu. <3

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