Bebe Taian: Natsu Matsuri 2014 is coming!

June 7, 2014

Natsu Matsuri 2014 is coming!

Hi everyone! It looks like I'll be heading to the annual Natsu Matsuri festival, after having missed Haru Matsuri at USF this year. As usual, I'll be bringing kimono, vintage Japanese dishware, accessories, jewellery, etc. but this year I'm making some fun, inexpensive "extras":
ukiyo-e magnets, washi cards, bookmarks, and gift tags, otedama sets, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. <3 

If you're in the Tampa Bay area (Florida, USA) come out and see us- but come early, since the rains usually start around 1, we close up around noon. It's a kid-friendly, free event! Plus, lots of traditional and modern shop booths to visit. Usually we have a tea shop, a pottery booth (all handmade), and my favourite, a taiyaki stand. Mmmmmm bean paste fishies.

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