Bebe Taian: New things for Natsu Matsuri!

June 13, 2014

New things for Natsu Matsuri!

Some new things I bought for Natsu Matsuri, and later for Etsy. <3 A preview of what everyone else will get to see on Saturday!

Silk obiage with firework-like patterns in shibori, appropriately dyed a super-saturated highlighter green. This shade of green almost hurts to look at. Good thing an obiage is halfway hidden! A very bold pop of colour for a daring wearer.

One of four obiage I have for sale right now... I'm waiting on others to arrive. x.x Hope they get here soon!

 Another super-saturated piece, this silk/synthetic woven summer obijime is bright, intense royal blue. For it's weave it actually feels a little stiff. Most of the braid is silk, but the very thick cords are synthetic. The whole cord has a starched feel to it. Still, summer pieces aren't always easy to come by, and with the heat increasing in Florida, I have a penchant for pulling as many ro, sha, and ra pieces as I can into my collection. I may start wearing hitoe all year round! Surely anyone who lives here will feel the same...

A mofuku set meant for funerals can be awfully depressing to some, but here, I see potential. Black obijime really aren't fashionable for anything but funerary wear, but with an added thin obijime cord of a bright colour, perhaps that will change. I have a few myself in purples and blues which are only maybe half a centimetre thick to pair with wider obijime!

As for the obiage and shoes, the shoes are my favourite. Plain black zori are terribly inexpensive on their own; it's when you dress them up that they become unique and fun! In this case, a little lace, some beading, and some knowhow, and you have a gorgeous, unique pair of Lolita-like zori for gothy kimono fashion. The obiage can be embroidered with silks along it's existing pattern, or over it with another appropriate theme, which adds some versatility.

I hope more comes tomorrow! It's the last day I get to prepare before the show. I get two tables this time, since a friend is lending me hers. Also, I found this gorgeous silver and peach nadeshiko brocade fabric to use for a table runner! Of course, that's for sale, too... where would I keep it the rest of the year? So hopefully, I'll have enough to cover both tables. I've sold a lot in the past year... time for something new. ^_^

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