Bebe Taian: Iromuji Kitsuke w/ New Obi

January 5, 2015

Iromuji Kitsuke w/ New Obi

Mz J at the grocers' took a few photos of my outfit for tonight. I had to put my hair back up pretty quick.

Not pictured: the other employees I was talking to about fabrics (second photo) and origins, or the friend I was with who was kind of laughing about the whole thing.

Yeah, it's January, I know. Out of season and all. But... it's Florida, and it's really hot and rainy out all night. Like mid-70s hot, especially with three layers on. x.x And I was finally getting to take said friend to dinner! The restaurant, naturally, was cold inside.

So what did I end up wearing?

From outer layer in:
- Deep-necked tank top w/ susoyoke
- Bright orange unlined silk juban
- Ink-blue synthetic sha iromuji (harder to stain accidentally)
- That gorgeous vintage obi with the fire flowers!
- Bright orange silk shibori obiage
- Orange creamsicle-coloured woven obijime
- Rain, and no amageta, so instead regular geta and fashionably(?) no tabi, keeping in line with the hitoe kimono and image of heat

I think I'd really like a darker kimono, likely in a deep rich purple or almost black-blue, with a geometric pattern reminiscent of the designs on the obi, to really make those yellows and oranges pop! I have the bright red iromuji of course, but wouldn't that be too 'loud'? Hnnn I'll have to think about it. I definitely don't want to pair orange with orange! And I'm not sure I'd look that great in all-over yellow with my skin lightening up from working indoors all day. Before I at least got sun from my job at the last restaurant, since we had sun-facing windows everywhere, but the current restaurant is just plain dark, even in the day. The boss thinks it's 'romantic', but really, everyone else thinks they just need a flashlight to see the menu at noon. x.x So I have to be more aware of my palette! Suggestions?

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