Bebe Taian: New Haircut

April 19, 2015

New Haircut

I've been fighting illness for over a week now. Last Sunday I thought, well, muscular soreness and a sinus headache, yeah of course. I'm a full-time + overtime waitress, and I have bad allergies to pollen, trees... basically if it grows from the ground I will have a stuffy face and sound like death. x.x And it's Spring in Florida! So instead of snowfall, we get pollen. Of course I feel wretched! I'll rest Tuesday and feel great by Wednesday...

Heh. heh. heh.

By Wednesday, fevers set in. Everything hurt. Arthritis is flaring up (fun!) and I'm exhausted from all of it. By Friday I was getting sent home from work. I'm glad. This is miserable.

But thanks to a friend making me some magical soul food from his grandmother's recipe, I felt good enough to get my first haircut in a few years! Motivated, even. Actually, I chopped most of it myself and tossed the hair outside for the birds. Then I went off to have the ends evened out, since I couldn't get the very back right on my own. I still look sick (oy, you can tell) and my skin decided that it would massively break out this week, but the hair looks good at least! ::sighs:: When you feel like this, it's the little things...

Can't wait to do a kimono day again, and see how it looks. ^_^ In the meantime, I have soup to eat!

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