Bebe Taian: Psi Beta Induction

March 23, 2018

Psi Beta Induction

Psi Beta is an honours' society for college students with a 3.25+ GPA, 12+ credits, and at least a B in a college-level psychology class. I had an A and a ... 3.8? GPA? I don't know. :P It crashed after I cut back on alcohol and the chronic pain and such re-surged, but whatever. New meds, so wish me luck!

I actually made it to this induction, so I'm quite pleased. The requirement was formalwear for inductees, but actually, everyone just kind of showed up in nice street clothes. Had I thought of that, I'd have worn something less complicated and showy!

But this outfit was put together quickly from a kimono my mother in law bought for me. It's actually very long for an early Taisho pieces. The inside of the bottom is also completely patterned with yuzen and thin gold. The sleeves are shorter than "younger women's" kimono of the era but the pattern is decadent and lively. Typically, kurotomesode like this should only be worn with gold or silver shoes, and a muted gold or silver obi, with white, gold, or silver obijime and white obiage, but these bright patterns? How could I do that? Also, I'm not quiiiite so old yet, right? So I kept the traditional white/gold obiage, using an antique chirimen obiage with golden cranes painted onto it, and a white/yellow gradient obijime.

The shoes are white with flecks of silver and palest sakura pink, perfect for March! They match the pale blossoms hidden in the bold patterns at the bottom of the hem. I had to sew the tabi a bit before leaving- oops! I somehow had torn a seam. I should take apart the ones I can't get white again and make a few pairs for myself. I have lots of fabric...

I have a bekko comb in my hair and an early-mid 1900s gold/silver fan. The silver side is cranes in flight. The gold side features two farmers under a bamboo tree, matsu style (the "clumpy" kind of bamboo, not the long straight kind).

Makeup was some complicated process between 'natural' makeup with lots of colour-correction for the rosacea, mixed with a natural golden foundation with added white for a more formal look. Pale ume pink around the eyes and upper cheeks similar in pattern to maiko, subtle with a hint of highlight and superfine sparkle. I used Destiny's Princess for both; The Truth was used for whitening and lightening. Because of the super-subtle shimmer, it helps in getting a pale glow without a pasty effect. Sadly, The Truth is being discontinued, but any white that is very pure and not shifting to another colour will work. I used a Nyx lipliner and a small pat of The Blood of My Enemies gloss. To set it, I used Dmitri, which is discontinued. It's a bold deep red with a slight brown-gold tint. I use eyeshadow also for brow powder. It's softer than the trend look of heavy waxes, liners, etc.

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